Selected Discography

Photo by Lenny Gonzalez


Solo Bass
Baile as Baile

Collaborative Ensemble

Good For Cows Good For Cows
Good For Cows Less Than or Equal To
Good For Cows Bebop Fantasy
Good For Cows 10 Year Anniversary Concert
Good For Cows Audumla

Nels Cline Singers Instrumentals
Nels Cline Singers The Giant Pin
Nels Cline Singers Draw Breath
Nels Cline Singers Initiate
Nels Cline Singers w/ ROVA Celestial Septet

Xiu Xiu La Foret
Xiu Xiu The Air Force
Xiu Xiu Women As Lovers
Xiu Xiu Tu Mi Piaci
Xiu Xiu Always
Xiu Xiu Forget
Xiu Xiu Life and Live

Mary Halvorson/Jessica Pavone/Devin Hoff/Ches Smith Calling All Portraits
Fred Frith/Darren Johnston/Larry Ochs/Devin Hoff/Ches Smith Reasons For Moving
Ben Goldberg/Scott Amendola/Devin Hoff Plays Monk

Teko Såsö 11/11

Made to Break Provoke
Made to Break Lacerba


Julia Holter Loud City Song
Julia Holter Have you in my Wilderness
Julia Holter In the Same Room
Julia Holter Bleed For This (Soundtrack)
Julia Holter Don’t Make Me Over b/w Hello Stranger

Tara Jane Oneil TJO

Miho Hatori New Optimism
Miho Hatori Miss Info

Yuka Honda Revert to Sea (2018)

Nels Cline New Monastery
Nels Cline Dirty Baby
Nels Cline Lovers (2017)

Carla Bozulich Red Headed Stranger
Carla Bozulich I’m Gonna Stop Killing

Shannon Lay Living Water

Odessa Chen Ballad of Paper Ships
Odessa Chen Archives of the Natural World

Ben Goldberg The Door, The Chair, The Hat, The Fact
Ben Goldberg Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues

Bard Hoff Earthquake Weather

Psychic Temple II

Steven Bernstein Diaspora Suite

Sean Hayes Flowering Spade
Sean Hayes Run Wolves Run
Sean Hayes Before We Turn to Dust

Charming Hostess Sarajevo Blues

General Elektriks Good City For Dreamers

Evangelista Prince Of Truth

Resonance Ensemble What Country Is This?

Howard Wiley Angola Project